Signs of Our Times

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NO DEADLINE: Call for Work - Online Exhibition Signs of Our Times 4


Signs of Our Times 4

(starting with blog post #360)

An online study of signs,
especially as means of language
or miscommunication

no deadline for ongoing blog

An international call for works in .jpeg format only, sent via internet to be:  

1. Displayed on The Signs of Our Times blog for posterity

2. Works received for Signs of Our Times 4 will be part of a video slideshow with original compositions by invited composers at some future date.

All properly formatted works will be accepted; this is not a juried show.  You may submit up to 3 "new"* works at a time even if you've participated in previous or in this current call for work. 


Have you ever been walking, bicycling, driving, sitting in a bus or train and suddenly seen a sign which made you do a double take? or seen a sign whose meaning escaped you or initially gave you pause and then perhaps you comprehended its meaning or didn't? or a sign which made no sense at all?  or a sign that just made you laugh or cry hysterically for some unfathomable reason?

This call is about those puzzling/surreal/emotionally evocative signs of our times.  "Of our times" is defined as either drawing from your own personal experience/history or the collective's present, near past or imagined future.


Please submit one of the following:

a photograph of an actual sign with or without text in any language and with or without other accompanying information/text/graphics,photograph of a work in any media which is your interpretation or memory of an actual sign with or without accompanying information/text/graphicsan imaginary sign which may or may not contain text in any language which would prove thought-provoking or puzzling or even humorous to another observer of your imagined sign. In this last case, the actual jpeg file might actually BE the sign if you wish OR you can submit a photograph of the sign you created in some other media.

In essence, the actual signs may be real or something created or manipulated by you in any media but the actual work you submit must be in the form of a jpeg file sent via the internet.


Please email the following to:     Jane @

(or if you are facebook friends with Jane Hsiaoching Wang, you can reach me via facebook instead, be forewarned that just tagging my name might not work - I've missed a few posts unfortunately due to not seeing the tagged facebook posts)

(boldface items are required):

Your name (as you would like it listed on the blog - which may be simply your initials, a pseudonym or Anonymous, if you would prefer to not use your real name)Your city, province/state, countryan attached jpeg file, approximately: 300 dpi, 1800x1200, 756 KBYour Website and/or blog linkDescription/anecdote about the sign if you like in any language (100 words or less please).Your permission for Mobius to use your photo(s) on the Signs of Our Times blog and related exhibitions/videos using "Your name" as submitted in Item 1.

If you are concerned about copyrights, I strongly advise you to embed your name into your photo before you submit it to me.

Once I receive your submission, I will post your jpeg file(s) and information (most likely in several months as I am trying to post once per week) on:

A link to your blog post will also appear on Mobius' facebook page sometime thereafter:

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

The Signs of Our Times 3 video (#231 through #359 in the blog) with music/sound pieces by 21 composers premieres on May 25, 2017 at Boston City Hall, Boston, MA, USA as part of the Concrete Actions event.  Full list of artists and composers here.