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NO DEADLINE: Call for Work - The Prostitution of Art blog


The Prostitution of Art

DEADLINE: no deadline for ongoing blog;

An international call for work sent via the internet to be:

1. Displayed on The Prostitution of Art blog for posterity

2. All properly formatted works will be accepted; this is not a juried show.

Please SUBMIT any of the following:

- written material
(please cut and paste into an email, no attached pdf or .doc files)
- photographs (jpeg files)
- videos not more than 15 minutes in length
(links to Vimeo videos preferred but youtube acceptable)
- audio clips (links to MP3 files)

on the subject The Prostitution of Art which should be freely interpreted.

Some possibilities include works drawn from your own personal experience or perception of the current state of art and the selling of art, Capitalism, bartering for services rendered, historical perspectives on various art forms and disciplines (Fluxus, Painting, Mail Art, Performance Art, Dance, Music, Film, Video, etc), What is selling out?, fear of success, critics, universities, art as an industry, outsider art, the media, random thoughts / rants / open discussions, writings and visual materials, imaginary or real.

Please email your submission with the following information to:
Jane @
with the subject line beginning: PoArt BLOG

(boldface items are required):

- Your name (as you would like it to be listed online)
- Your city, state/province, country
- where you saw this call for work
- optional title and / or description of your entry
- optional website/blog links you would like listed online
- optional permission to publish your submission via a magazine

Once I receive your submission, I will post your submission and information asap on

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

1. You must be the creator and own the rights to whatever material you submit - please DO NOT submit someone else's article or work.
2. Mobius is considering producing a magazine from accepted works. This magazine would be available at cost plus a modest amount to cover administration fees through Please indicate in your submission if you would grant permission for your work to be reproduced. You are under no obligation to purchase nor will your submission be judged by whether you grant or reject permission.
3. All submitted entries will be accepted as long they are formatted as specified in the call. updated 11/4/2011 by jw