call for work

*ENDED* DEADLINE: April 28, 2018: Call for Scores on Healthcare to be performed in June 2018



deadline extended to April 28, 2018

Day de Dada Art Nurses will be checking on the art health of the Boston public in the first week of June 2018

Presently they are looking for scores to be compiled into a booklet to be distributed in June at Day de Dada Art Nurse performance events in Boston sponsored by Mobius

Looking for-
how to do brain surgery
Guided meditations
Recipes/prescriptions- food or drink
How to elbow massage
Illustrated Diagrams
Yoga poses? Exercises?
Wearable health devices/clothes
Crystal usage
or any other health exam actions that you feel should be presented

The art nurses will perform as many scores received that are possible, and document actions.

If you would like to be included please send scores or images to