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Global Call for DADA ACTION!


Global Call for DADA ACTION!

A call for dada action and documentation from June 12, 2018 through June 24, 2018

We here at Mobius invite you to join us in performing dada actions on any day and time, at any location in the world, between the dates of June 12th, 2018 and June 24th, 2018.

We ask you kindly to send to by June 25, 2018:

1. a brief description of your dada action (cut and paste into the email)
2. not more than 3 high resolution photographs of your dada action (jpeg format)
3. links to any additional video or photographic or textual documentation of your dada action
4. optionally, your name for publication - if you prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate this clearly
5. optionally, if you would like us to attempt to perform your dada action during dadamobile
6. your permission for Mobius to publish 1.,2. and 3. on dadabloge.

dadabloge is up and live! with new posts published daily!

dadabloge is thirty-day blog soliciting, collecting and showcasing dada work on the internet for the entire month of June 2018. The blog is inspired by Tristan Tzara’s ambitious anthology project Dadaglobe, which was fated to be published at the peak of Dada in 1921 but was unfortunately abandoned at the time. While the history of Dadaglobe is fascinating, published along with most of the original material by MoMA in 2016, dadabloge is a vehicle for exploring how artists today interpret dada in not only translating but transforming similar ideas to see what they might yield in today’s time.

Accompanying dadabloge is dadamobile - a month-long series of guerrilla performances at Farmers Markets in Boston and Somerville, Massachusetts. Kicking off the first week, the Day de Dada Art Nurses, Mary Campbell, Viv Vassar and Barbara Lubliner, performing a set of scores along with free “Art Health” check-ups for the public (not exclusively an art audience) will tie together techniques from the historic fluxus and dada movements and bring the project into real (and fun) encounters with the ‘praxis’ of everyday life. The subsequent two weeks will feature dada actions both - new and not so new, international and local, performed by guests and Mobius artists.  The fourth and final week of dadamobile will see a collaboration between sculptor (and Cabaret Voltaire enthusiast) Edward Monovich and choreographer Nathan Andary entitled “Dadabex: consequences of overconsumption and other modern tragedies” using masks of the alpine ibex created by Monovich and scores created by Andary, performed by the two collaborators and Kat Minnehan, Megan J. Johnson and Thomas Mackie.