*ENDED* Deadline for applications: Dec 10, 2016 : co-incidence, an experimental music residency

We are very fortunate to be partnering with Non-Event (host organization), Washington St. Gallery (host venue for the week), and Michael Pisaro (our Resident Artist). If you don't know these places/people, please check them out - they're amazing.

We will accept 6 Guest Artists to the week-long Residency.

co-incidence, an experimental music residency is a gathering of experimental composer-performers for six days hosted by Non-Event at Washington St. Gallery in Boston.

This project is based on an expanded view of what constitutes art, music, and the traditional concert. Following the example of the revolutionary arts community Black Mountain College, it will bring together a group of radical artists operating in the boundary-zones of their practice to take part in a residency curated as ‘social sculpture.’ Reflecting the values of experimental music, co-incidence will be allowed to grow organically, strongly influenced by the artists who attend: the directors simply provide a time, space, and loose framework. There will be encouraged but not required peer-to-peer meetings between artists in lieu of official lessons, the people attending will not be labeled as student or faculty, and the residency is tuition-free, with a small, equal stipend offered to the guest artists.

Three important points:

1) The application is free, so please apply!

2) This residency is tuition-free.

3) The Guest Artists are provided a $400 stipend to attend.

(Food [with the exception of a few specific meals] and housing are not provided. We estimate costs to range between $500 - $600 for the week).

please see our website for more details, including the application:


Applications are due on December 10th, 2016.

[Results back on December 15th]

Residency dates: January 24th, 2017 - January 30th, 2017.

If you have any questions you can reach us at coincidence.residency@gmail.com.

All the very best,

Luke Martin & Aaron Foster Bresley