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#5 Exercises in Archiving – Giving/Leaving : Sandrine Schaefer- ICA Foster Prize Exhibition

Sandrine Schaefer


For the 2015 Foster Prize Exhibition at the ICA, Boston, Mobius artist, Sandrine Schaefer will create a new work sited in and viewable from the ICA's waterfront, Founders Gallery.  Wandering With the Horizon - A Body in Light consists of a series of 5 performance art pieces that leave traces that accumulate in the space, shifting the audience's sensorial encounter with the site.  

Live Performance Schedule

No. 1 Tuesday, April 28 
Acclimating to Horizontal Movement

No. 2 Thursday, May 7 
Investigations in Wandering

No. 3 Saturday, June 6 
Experiencing the Periphery

No. 4 Sunday, July 12 
Exercises in Proximity – See/Sea

No. 5 Sunday, August 9 
Exercises in Archiving – Giving/Leaving

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photo credit: Sandrine Schaefer "Wandering with the Horizon No. 4 Exercises in Proximity See/Sea," photo by Nisa Ojalvo, 2015