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Rob List, Jed Speare, and Nate Speare@Boston Cyberarts Gallery

Working Through Some Things in Space and Time

performance by Rob List, movement; Jed Speare, sound; and Nate Speare, voice

at Boston Cyberarts Gallery

Wednesday, September 9th at 8pm

141 Green St. Jamaica Plain

at Green St station on the Orange Line

admission free, donations accepted

On Wednesday, September 9th, Rob List, Jed Speare and Nate Speare come together to perform a movement, sound, and vocal improvisation, underscoring their particular disciplines, and working through them collectively to realize an outcome together. Improvisation occurs in the moment and transparently reveals its processes in real time, with equanimity gained through responsive leading, following, and supporting. It also can be approached as different media on separate planes that operate with their own autonomy. How these planes meet is as much a question for the viewer as it is for the performers.

Rob List and Jed Speare have worked together in different contexts for over thirty years in San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam and Boston. List is an award-winning choreographer, performer, and educator who was based in Amsterdam for over 25 years. He was a two-time winner of the prestigious Amsterdam Artists Prize, and received subsidies for his Company Ozu, that toured in Holland and Europe. Emphasizing sound and time-based arts, Speare has worked in many media, lived and worked in San Francisco and has performed extensively in Europe. In Boston he has been a member of the Mobius Artists Group for twenty years, and the Director of Mobius and Studio Soto. Nate Speare joins them for the first time, with his vocal variants in performance and his synthesis of mythology, philosophy, psychology, and astrology.

This is a rare Boston appearance by Rob List and the special meeting of these artists together. The doors open at 7:30 and the performance is at 8:00.


Rob List recently returned to the US after thirty years based in Amsterdam as choreographer, performance artist and teacher. His work has been shown in galleries, museums and theaters throughout Europe as well as in Brazil and the US. After his residency at Parkers Box in Williamsburg in 2010, Claudia La Rocco, dance critic for the NY Times, wrote “Rob List is the sort of artist whose work transfixes, drawing you minute by minute through strange yet familiar terrain; the impulse is always to hold your breath.” Rob presently lives in the San Joaquin hills south of LA. His current project is IF A TREE, a set of short moving and drawing performances about the Carboniferous Period.

Jed Speare is a multidisciplinary artist who has presented sound art internationally for over thirty years. He studied at the Sonic Research Studio of the World Soundscape Project and is the creator of Cable Car Soundscapes (1982) on Smithsonian Folkways Records and Sound Works 1982-1987 (2008) on the Family Vineyard label. He has an extensive background working in other media and in 2008 The Wire magazine called him, “a pioneer of multimedia presentation.“ Over the past twenty years his many projects, performances, and service has been primarily affiliated with Mobius, Studio Soto, New England Phonographers Union and the American Society for Acoustic Ecology.

Nate Speare is a New York City-based storyteller, teaching artist, mythologist and astrological consultant. His work emphasizes using the human voice as a vehicle for self-empowerment and self-realization. He recently taught with Everyday Arts for Special Education (E.A.S.E), an initiative to integrate artistic curriculum into classrooms for students on the autism spectrum, at Urban Arts Partnership. He also regularly teaches classes in voice and acting at In Motion Dance Center. In 2014, Nate earned his M.F.A. degree in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University. Nate trained extensively with the Paris-based Pan Theatre, where he received an advanced certificate in Voice Performance, Choreographic Theatre & Cultural Studies, and the Roy Hart International Artistic Centre in southern France where he was selected as an Artist-In-Residence in the summer of 2011. His first solo performance, “We Died of Thirst”, in which he followed Ronald Reagan through an underworld of madness, was named the Talk of the Town Winner of the New England Fringe Festival and was a finalist at The One Festival 2012. Nate recently produced his latest monologue, “Screame” in New York City with co-production of Nettles Artists Collective, his artistic home. He is currently collaborating with master astrologer Montgomery Taylor and the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism on a series entitled “Astro-Dramas: Exploring Conversations with the Archetypes”.