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Reports from Afield with Sandrine Schaefer @mobius

  • mobius 55 Norfolk Street Cambridge, MA, 02139 United States (map)
Sandrine Schaefer, Pace Investigations No. 4, photo by Daniel DeLuca (2016)   

Sandrine Schaefer, Pace Investigations No. 4, photo by Daniel DeLuca (2016) 


“We all navigate the world through the vehicle of a body. The body is the most readily available material. Therefore, it is an accessible material. It is a familiar material. It is a sensational material. It is a political material. It is a transmissive material. It is a receptive material. It is a conductive material. It is a collective material. It is a decaying material. It is ecologically responsible material. It is an economic material. It is an indulgent material. It is an obvious material. It is a redundant material. It is a predictably unpredictable material. It is a confrontational material. It is a spectacular material. It is an invisible material. It is a banal material. It is a material that interrupts. It is an abundant material. It is an articulate material. It is an inarticulate material. It is a volatile material. It is a fugitive material. It is a demanding material. It is an exclusionary material. It is a fragile material. It is a durable material. It is a burdened material. It is an urgent material.” – from Sandrine Schaefer’s Glossary of TERMS/VALUES



Mobius is pleased to present Sandrine Schaefer in our ongoing series of artist talks, Reports from Afield*. In this talk, Sandrine shares her recent project, Pace Investigations No. 4 and reflects on her thesis research on temporal operations and witnessing politics in durational performance art. The talk will begin at 6pm, followed by a Q+A. 

T. October 25, 2016

55 Norfolk St. 
Cambridge, MA


Using a site-sensitive approach, Sandrine Schaefer’s work exposes the vulnerability of the human body by revealing its complex relationship to time. Sandrine’s work often presents as durational performance art installations that intend to break traditional viewing behaviors by de-privileging sight as the primary sense to engage the work; rewarding the curious; and using extended duration and repetition to cultivate spaces for return. Over the past decade, Sandrine’s work has been exhibited internationally in performance art festivals, galleries, museums, and public spaces Sandrine has been awarded fellowships through the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The Tanne Foundation, the ICA James and Audrey Foster Prize, the Boston Foundation’s Brother Thomas Fund and she is a 2016 Edes Award Semi-Finalist. Alongside her career as an artist, Sandrine has developed a practice as an Independent Curator of time-based artworks. Her writing on contemporary art has been published in numerous international online and print publications. She is a co-founder of The Present Tense Live Art Initiative and Archive Project, part of the Mobius artist group, and teaches through the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. To learn more about Sandrine's work visit

*Reports from Afield is a series of artist talks and presentations that share experimental projects that have occurred outside of Boston.