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Electronic Guy @mobius

  • mobius 55 Norfolk Street Cambridge, MA 02139 United States (map)

Electronic Guy @mobius
Artist Performance, Talk and Q&A
Tuesday March 1, 2016 : 7pm

suggested donation: $10

Mobius is pleased to host Guest Artist Benoit Maubrey, electroacoustic sound sculpture artist from Germany, on Tuesday March 1st, 2016 at 7pm.  He will present a performance of his Electronic Guy to be followed by an artist talk on his electroacoustic sculpture projects and a Q&A session.  After the performance, audience members are invited to join the artist for dinner and drinks in a local restaurant (going dutch).

About Electronic Guy
Electroacoustic tuxedo jacket with sampler, electric guitar, radio receiver and solar cell. Originally built in 1987 for the mayor of Berlin with a pre-recorded cassette of people saying”Berlin tut gut” (Berlin does you good).
History: in 1986 I was awarded a grant from the city of Berlin. In return for the grants the artists are supposed to present the city with a work of art (usually a painting). For this occasion I built an Audio Frack (Frack is the term for an elegant evening jacket with tails) for the mayor. For the sound I went around the city recording the voices of people saying “Berlin tut gut“ (“Berlin does you good“) which was the current tourist slogan for the city. I compiled about fifty different voices repeating the sentence and presented the Jacket complete with audio cassette to his office, proposing that he dress himself in the apparel for the opening of the local International Electronics Fair. He responded with a polite letter indicating that if he used the jacket it would put his press attaché out of work.
In 1995 I created the Electronic Guy wearing a similar Tuxedo that was equipped with guitar amp, radio receiver, and sampler. Sounds are sampled and then mixed through the jacket as a solo concert event.
In 2011 redesigned it as a “Boom Jacket” complete with sampler, looping and pitching devices, radio, guitar amp and double light-to-frequency controller.
In 2013/14 we constructed two “FRACKMAN” suits. Each suit is fitted with a digital guitar amplifier, a pre-amp, white noise radio receiver, double light-to-frequency sensor, and sampler. One jacket (black leather) is constructed for outdoor “street” situations and the other a tuxedo with tails (“Frack” in German) for indoor and stage. These jackets have extra amplification in order to interact (an reverberate) with the space around them.

Benoît Maubrey is the director and founder of DIE AUDIO GRUPPE a Berlin-based art group that build and perform with electronicclothes. Basicallythese are electro-acoustic clothes and dresses(equipped with amplifiers and loudspeakers) that make sounds by interacting thematically and acoustically with their environment. In his non-mobile sculptural work he frequently uses former public (disguarded) monuments and recycles them using modern technology and electronics. Recycled and “found” electronics as his artistic medium. Since 1982 he has been conceiving and creating interactive sculptures in public spaces. In most cases the sculptures interact with their environment: quite often they function as “Speakers Corner” where the public can express themselves “live”.

Artist’s Statement: PHONIC BODIES and CHOREOGRAPHED SOUNDS Performances with electroacoustic clothes My decision in the early 1980s to stop working with pigments and canvas came from a desire to interact directly with public spaces. By building loudspeakers into clothes I could intervene in any given environment in a temporary and cost-efficient way: loudspeakers and circuit boards are cheap and can be salvaged from surplus electronics and disguarded toys. My artistic tools are electroacoustic clothes: costumes and suits that are equipped with loudspeakers and amplifying systems that allow the individual wearers to react acoustically to their environment. Basically each person wears one part of a composition: the position of the individual “audio actors” and their movement (their “orchestration”) within a space produces the final composition. At the same time I develop this concept thematically by adapting the “clothes” to particular sites, cultures and regions. In all of this work I use electronics as a modern “clay” that I can form and create into fantasy-full performances and objects.