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Tinderbox @Mobius — Rosie Ranauro, Robert Metrick and Soufia Bensaid

  • Mobius 55 Norfolk Street Cambridge, MA, 02139 United States (map)
 collage  by Rosie Ranauro

 collage by Rosie Ranauro

Tinderbox Series

The curatorial focus of the Tinderbox Series is on presenting a stimulating, creative and diverse series of experimental work. We are excited to present on, Friday, April 8th works by: Rosie Ranauro, Robert Metrick, and Soufia Bensaid; and on Saturday, April 9th works by: Jordan Jamil Ahmed, Michelle Bentsman, Michael Namkung and Daphna Mero. 

 Friday, April 8th 

Rosie Ranauro

Hold It Together

This piece explores a body’s holding pattern, and how the body compensates to maintain balance. I will empty the yolk and whites from 6 white eggs. I will fill each egg shell with cranberry juice. I will hold each egg to my body without the use of my hands, contorting my posture to compensate. I will keep the eggs held in my joints and shoulders until either all of the cranberry juice has drained out, or the eggs fall and break.

Working across drawing, collage, photography and performance, Rosie Ranauro uses the body as a site to investigate the ways in which chronic illness overlaps and informs identity. Ranauro employs distortion and repetitive mark making to create contorted figures that are at once unsettling and sensual. The images employ flatness in many forms, hinting at both physical and emotional dissociation. Figures twist and repeat, becoming a language of symbols rather than a complex whole. Is the figure pulling inward to become smaller or to become denser, more powerful?

Rosie received her BFA in Painting from Mass Art, and her work has most recently been included in BLAA’s MAKEOVER! at sübsamsøn, and in la Pyramide at L'Oeil de Poisson in Quebec City. She lives and works in Roxbury, MA.

Robert Metrick

Robert Metrick

Gobetrotting (Song of Metacognition)

Globetrotting is a monolog with projected video that follows the wanderings of a mind as it listens to the radio during a prolonged, spiraling descent through 12 levels of a parking garage, with each level labeled as a different country.  While navigating through the levels, the narrator ponders the distinctions between courage and fearlessness, cognition and metacognition. The interiority of the car and the drone of the music create a psychological space, deep within the global world created as endlessly the same.

Robert Metrick orchestrates layers of found speech, text, image, sound and music, both in live performance and video to construct loosely narrative tragicomic stories, songs and scenarios. The “characters” in these works are revealed, not as distinct personalities in a traditional literary and psychological sense. Rather, they become containers of cultural hopes and desires that remain essentially unfulfilled. Art critic Kathryn Hixson once described Metrick’s work as a “cross between Beckettinian existentialism and a high school production of Oklahoma!”

Robert Metrick is a writer, composer, and director, recently transplanted from Chicago to Boston. He has created performance and video works, ranging from solo monologs to fully-staged operatic ensemble productions. He has published poetry and personal non-fiction works on his blog, as well as in his “haikualization” series with artist Emily Waters. Metrick’s work has been presented at the Chicago Cultural Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Rhinoceros Theater Festival among other performance venues and short video festivals.  He has been the recipient grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Illinois Arts Council and Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. He holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Links to work:

photo by Paul Litherland of Soufia Bensaid

photo by Paul Litherland of Soufia Bensaid

Soufia Bensaid


PULSE is a performance series that explores the space resonance, the space where we are. The space of being. The space of the body. The space of the interwoven relations.

Canadian immigrant since 2000, Soufïa Bensaïd is lucky enough to experience different cultures and social, professional environments across Tunisia were she was born, France and Quebec where she now lives. This path allowed her to live a transformational identity, to question the perception gaps and the foundation of identity and existence. Her art practice is interdisciplinary. It uses what comes to it to achieve a research, face a question, meet, encounter what is here, receive the present. To categorize it is difficult for its closeness to various disciplines. It is at the intersection of performance art, writing, drawing, movement, relational esthetic, participatory projects, installation, site specific action. Influenced by a scientific background, the work reveals relationships between art, spirituality and science. Through the performance and action pieces, experiences are offered to question sights subjectivity and everyone’s possibility to create one’s world.