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Standing Waves #4 - Sarah Hennies @mobius


Sunday June 19th, 2016, 4-6pm

Standing Waves #4 - Sarah Hennies @mobius

Standing Waves is a monthly music, sound, and artists talk series with a concentration on one artist in the performance of and presentation about their work. Standing Waves is given over to a single artist for each event that allows for the performance and auditioning of their work as well as a presentation to the audience about it that makes for an intimate as well as rigorous experience, with the integrity and intention of the artist and work aligned and revealed.  A distinguishing element of the series will also be a document in the form of a book and recording that includes the performance, transcript excerpts from the talks, critical writing and photographs. This comprehensive approach will elucidate the music, sound art and electroacoustic practices that overlap and comprise the artists' works.
Standing Waves is a program of Morgan Evans-Weiler and Jed Speare in conjunction with Mobius.

Sarah Hennies (b. 1979, Louisville, KY) is a percussionist and composer currently residing in Ithaca, NY. Her work is primarily concerned with an immersive, psychoacoustic presentation of sound brought about by an often grueling, endurance-based performance practice that Nathan Thomas of Fluid Radio described as "a highly sophisticated and refined performance technique...that starts and ends with listening and encourages a different way of listening from its audience." She received her M.A. in percussion from the University of California-San Diego in 2003 where she studied with renowned percussionist Steven Schick, and is currently a member of Meridian, a percussion trio with Tim Feeney and Greg Stuart. Prior to relocating to Ithaca, Hennies was based in Austin, TX, for ten years where she performed with the Austin New Music Co-op, The Weird Weeds and a variety of other projects.

Hennies is also an interpreter of the work of other modern composers having recorded and performed music by John Cage, Alvin Lucier, Jandek, Peter Ablinger, Kunsu Shim, Jürg Frey, Ellen Fullman, Radu Malfatti, Arnold Dreyblatt and many others. Her work as both composer and performer can be heard on a wide variety of labels including Quakebasket, Senufo Editions, Consumer Waste, Astral Spirits, Accidie, and Quiet Design.

In 2013 Hennies also founded the record label Weighter Recordings for releasing her own work and other new and unusual music by living composers.

Morgan Evans-Weiler has been co-curating a monthly series of experimental music at Washington Street Art for over 4 years and has produced concerts at the Waterworks Museum Boston, School of the Museum of Fine Arts and others. His recent release, ‘Violin/Sine’ was included on the Boston Globe’s list of “The Best Local Classical Albums of 2015”. He has performed throughout the U.S. with appearances at High Zero Festival in Baltimore and Louisville Experimental Festival.

Jed Speare is a multidisciplinary artist working in field recording, sound art, and time-based media in San Francisco, Amsterdam, New York and Boston, and internationally in Europe and Asia over the past 35 years. His sound work has been influenced by studies at the Sonic Research Studio of the World Soundscape Project in Vancouver, BC. (1978) Principal recordings include Cable Car Soundscapes (Smithsonian Folkways Records; 1982), Sound Works 1982-1987 (Family Vineyard, 2008); and The Wounds of Returning, Sound Works 1974-1983 (Farpoint Recordings, 2015). In 2008, the Wire magazine wrote, “working field and documentary recordings into socially resonant performance works, this unsung composer is a pioneer of multimedia presentation.”

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