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EL Putnam and David Stalling @Mobius

  • mobius 55 Norfolk Street Cambridge, MA, 02139 United States (map)

Whisper Almost Without Sound

EL Putnam and David Stalling

Thurs June 30, 4 to 10 pm

Installation: 4 to 7 pm

EL Putnam Performance: 7 to 8 pm

Piledriver (a sound work by David Stalling): 8 to 8:30 pm

Reception: 8:30 to 10 pm

Through her practice, EL Putnam explores hidden histories and emotional experiences, testing the limits of their un-representability. She is drawn to gestures and the kinaesthetic; actions as interlocution, or the forces and relations that interconnect people with places, space, material objects, ideas, and each other. Treating art events as inherently participatory, her works function as intersubjective spaces that offer multiple conceptual and aesthetic points of entry for the audience. In addition to creating works that are rich in cultural and political meaning, EL is interested in how aesthetic pleasure can be used a critical strategy, or a means of captivating audiences in order to expose them to challenging ideas.

In his work, David Stalling aims to strike a balance between boisterous movement and stasis, seeking to introduce evolving pattern into sensory and immersive sonic landscapes. These are often densely layered and closely knit constructs, sculpting sonic and physical space, while examining the relationship between human activity and the natural world. The act of discovery is important to his process, as he leaves room for the unforeseen, letting himself be guided by curiosity. Being curious about the particular energy of a place, Stalling creates immersive experiences that envelope us by engaging the faculty of all our senses.

EL Putnam and David Stalling are currently based in Dublin, Ireland. 

Later Event: July 2
SUN RAD, Moondrawn, Godmouth