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1:00 AM - Wakening @Taiwan

Arsem_Marking_Time_VI_Belfast_2015_DSC_5225a copy_photo by Jordan Hutchins_2048x1365 copy.jpg

December 22-25, 2017

Marilyn Arsem
1:00 AM
Performance: Wakening
As part of the program ‘1:00AM,’ with Riverbed Theatre

1:00AM. It’s the same city as during our normal waking hours, the same architecture, the same streets, but somehow, in these early morning hours, it changes. Or we change. Our senses are heightened, our eyes perceive and process light differently, noises are amplified… Night has the power to alter our perception, to de-familiarize the familiar.  

This performance is inspired by this impulse to heighten our sensory awareness and intensify our encounter with the world. This one-hour event includes a 30-minute performance by Riverbed Theatre and a 30-minute performance by renowned performance artist Marilyn Arsem.

Song Shan Cultural Park
No.133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 11072
Taipei City, Taiwan

Photo Credit: Jordan Hutchins
Marking Time VI : durational performance by Marilyn Arsem :Belfast International Festival of Performance Art, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK - 3/11/15