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  • Distillery Gallery 516 East 2nd Street Boston, MA, 02127 United States (map)

an interactive performance by Mari Novotny-Jones and Milan Kohout

Thursday, July 13, 2017, 7:00pm
Friday, July 14, 2017, 7:00pm
Saturday, July 15, 2017, 7:00pm

We do not want to present a performance where there are strictly defined positions of the viewers and performers. We want to develop an art that would be an inseparable part of real life. If you participate in this artistic practice, collectively we could actively initiate a social change. Our piece takes the form of an art union meeting. We will engage in presentation, actions, images, videos and open discussion with the audience. An art union meeting in these times when Wall Street, Hedge Fund Bankers, Corporations, Industrialists and rich pigs (as Milan likes to say) are stealing most of the social product and the whole society is divided between incredibly rich and very oppressed poor feels like a time for revival. We want to call to an action against this injustice. We want to reintroduce the ideas of anarchism into a society, by exploring the historical early half of the 20th century. Groups like Anarchists and the IWW fought to support labor in strikes and marches. Many of the strikes involved bloodshed and arrest by the police. One of the most famous was the Homestead steel workers strike. Into this background emerge two anarchists, Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman. Most famous for her writings, Emma struggled to define the tenets of an anarchist philosophy. Alexander embracing the true spirit of anarchy as defined by Goldman and others to act.

Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman (Sasha) are for us the raw samples of those anarchists who fought for a socially just society. Can their desires to create a society, which would be defined on the principles of the real freedom, still be possible?

Performance Art is only the latest name for an art form that has been with us ever since we defined ourselves as human beings; that it has no borders between cultures and encloses every moment of life.

We want to use the incredible(r) evolutionary power of this art form fostering an effect on social change.

We also want to investigate and define the inherited instinct of social responsibility the artist bears, derived from his/her inseparable role and place in the community.

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This event is part of the mobius Summer Series at the Distillery Gallery

Distillery Gallery - 516 East 2nd Street, South Boston, MA

Directions:  Accessible by Public Transportation via the MBTA. 15-20 minute walk from Broadway and Andrew stations on the Red Line, near bus stops for #9 from Copley Square (Orange and Green Lines) and #7 from South Station (Red and Silver Lines).  There are a few visitor spaces in the building parking lot and street parking nearby.

photo: Bob Raymond