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Sandrine Schaefer | Pace investigations No. 7

  • ATELIERS JEAN-BRILLANT 661 Rue Rose-de-Lima Bureau 105 Montréal, QC H4C 2L7 Canada (map)
Sandrine Schaefer,  Pace Investigations No. 4  (2016) photo by Daniel DeLuca

Sandrine Schaefer, Pace Investigations No. 4 (2016) photo by Daniel DeLuca

Mobius artist, Sandrine Schaefer will be creating a new iteration of Pace Investigations as part of VIVA! Art Action (2017)

Pace Investigations is an iterative project that takes the form of performance artworks. The actions and materials of the performance are site-specific and the duration of the performance is precisely staggered. The same performance repeats multiple times consecutively, daily, or seasonally. Each time the performance repeats its duration either loses or recovers time. For Pace Investigations No. 7, the same performance repeats 15 times consecutively over 6 hours and 37 minutes. In each cycle, the performance duration is either increased or decreased by half. What begins as a 1 minute performance incrementally becomes a 2 hour 13 minute performance, then incrementally becomes a 1 minute performance again. As this constriction and expansion of time occurs the performance shifts. Some actions that make up the performance speed up or slow down. Others merge or expand to become different actions all together. Some are abandoned, while others gain significance. Regardless of how the performance adapts, the tension between mechanical, affective, and shared time is always palpable. 

From October 4 to 7, 2017 , VIVA! Art Action returns to Les Ateliers Jean Brillant in Montreal to present the performative work of more than 20 Québec, Aboriginal, Canadian and international artists. This next edition will offer the public a unique context for the discovery of a bold and striking program. To learn more visit