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HERON at Fog x FLO

  • Leverett Pond Brookline, MA USA (map)

With Fog x FLO, Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya responds to the landmarked waterways and landscapes designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (FLO). Nakaya’s “climate responsive,” shape-shifting, pure water forms invite visitors to immerse themselves in the art, experience nature anew, and appreciate the vital role of the Emerald Necklace in our city’s history, present, and future.

Organized by the Emerald Necklace Conservancy with curator Jen Mergel, This FREE public art presentation is on view every day and several times an hour from 8am to 8pm, from August 11 through October 31.

On October 7th at 4:30 pm, Mobius Artist Sara June and sound artist Max Lord will create a single durational performance piece, HERON, to interact with Fujiko Nakaya’s large-scale fog sculptures (Fog x Flo) along the 3 man-made islands at the Leverett Pond site in Brookline (Fog x Island, Olmsted Park). The piece features an ambient sound composition, spatialized by key participants wearing small wireless speakers housed within sculptural vessels and following the performance as it meanders along the inner walkway along the islands. Different sections of the soundscape explore the types of tonalities that blend with the different environments: the large twisting trees moving in the wind, the stillness of the open water, and the movement of waterfowl on and above the pond. The scene will follow the movement of a solo dancer (Sara June) who will create sculptural forms with her body reminiscent of the Great Blue Heron and other water fowl who dwell in this environment. Bright sculptural movements will punctuate the density of the fog. during the piece as both the dancer and the moving aural participants are alternately enveloped by the fog at uncertain times. The piece will take place at sunset as a temporal element of the work includes the passage of the sun from just above to just below the horizon line. The final minutes of the performance will occur in near-darkness.

Fog x Island will appear for 3 minutes on the hour and half hour from 8am to 8pm.

Nearest transit: Riverway Station, MBTA Green Line, “E” Branch, and Brookline Village Station, MBTA Green Line, “D” Branch
From transit: From either stop, walk to the intersection of Washington Street and Pond Avenue. Follow the footpaths into Olmsted Park, staying to the paths on the right. Follow the paths for about 5 minutes to Allerton Overlook and Fog x Island.
Parking: 56 Pond Avenue, Brookline, MA 02445
From parking: Approach the path between the parking lot and Leverett Pond. Turn right, and follow the path for approximately 500 feet to Allerton Overlook. Fog x Island is located on the islands to your left.