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The Human Body Time Machine @Mandell Weiss Forum San Diego

  • Mandell Weiss Forum 9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla, CA, 92093 United States (map)

The Human Body Time Machine
gradWORKS 2018

a dance performance
directed by Aurora Lagattuta

Show dates:   April 12, 13, 14,  7pm

Mandell Weiss Forum
9500 Gilman Drive MC0344
La Jolla, CA 92093

About the Show

The Human Body Time Machine is an immersive dance performance that creates a “meditative playtime” for audience to experience the movement of time. This new work features a diverse array of dancers from various backgrounds, abilities and ages. Immersive and exploratory in nature, the performance consists of several playing spaces created through choreographic, set, light and video design. This multi-media performance communicates through virtual as well as material presences in a performance ecology that integrates fragments of reality, virtuality, water and imagination. The audience is free to walk, pause and saunter through these constructed spaces in order to conceive different temporal encounters.
About the Director

Aurora Lagattuta has choreographed and performed across The U.S., Europe and Asia. Her work has been described as being, “bizarre and beautiful” as well as “transformational” and “otherworldly” by the Huffington Post. Lagattuta has been presented at Theatre Row in New York City, Electric Lodge and Highways Performance Space in Los Angeles, Cindy Pritzker and the Chicago Public Library in Chicago, k77 in Berlin, The New Space in Brussels, La Caldera in Barcelona, Café de las Artes in Santander, Spain and by Malashock’s Engagement Ring, Vanguard Culture and the Mingei Museum in San Diego. She has been awarded residencies at Bali Purnati in Bali, Indonesia; Palacio de Festivales and Forn de La Calc in Spain, Ponderosa in Germany and most recently at Shiro Oni in Japan. She danced for various companies in NYC, Portland, Germany and Spain, most notably with Meg Stuart and Marta Carasco and she holds a BA in Theatre from Fordham University at Lincoln Center, NYC. Her solo, Inside the Whale, toured throughout Europe, Chicago, Los Angeles and at the United Solo Festival on Broadway in NYC, where she was awarded, The Best Multi-Media Solo Award and the United Solo Award. The United Solo Award hosted Lagattuta’s solo performance at the United Solo Europe Festival in Warsaw, Poland. She is an Academy Member for United Solo, NYC, a member of the New Space Collective in Belgium and a member of San Diego Dance Connect. She currently is a MFA Contemporary Dance Making and Performance student at UC San Diego, where she has received the prestigious San Diego Fellowship.

Director's Statement

The Human Body Time Machine an extension and elaboration upon my recent performance work that I created at the Shiro Oni Artist Residency in Onishi, Japan this past summer. This new work aims to create sensorial experiences that investigate how one experiences and transforms the various moments of time harbored within the body. I envision human beings as more of an interactive happening than a separate definable thing and therefore, my work aims to create performances that serve as an intersection of internal and external spaces, albeit in a abstract, beautiful, and playful manner. I am interested in performance that is an act of compassionate exchange, it is generous. It is an act of acceptance, change, and tenderness towards our planet and ourselves.

I am passionate about creating dance that is a corporeal practice for personal and community integration. The poetry of my work stems from a process of continually becoming, rather than escaping, my body, my community, and my environment as a human and artistic necessity.

The Cast

Leslie Armstrong
Alice Astarita
Leila Currah
Shelan Deloyi
Jo Elyn
Manuel Gonzalez
Sandy Huckleberry
Nicole Isabelle
Ella Jong
Mihwa Koo
Alisha Lenning
Leanna Long
Dulce Rodriguez-Ponciano
Sabrina Sauri
Jaime Shadowlight
Barbara Shea
Jade Solan
Clara Toledo
Crystal Wang
Tiange Zhou

The Creative Team

Director – Aurora Lagattuta
Scenic Designer – Hsi-An Chen
Lighting Designer – Minjoo Kim
Music Composer – Kevin Zhang
Video Designer – Maya VanderSchuit
Sound and Video Assistant – MaeAnn Ross
Production Stage Manager – Bryan Runion
Assistant Stage Manager – Biying Ding

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