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Transart Communication’s Performance Train @Europe

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Artists:  Marilyn Arsem, Chelsea Coon, Harpreet Singh, Ritesh Maharjan, To Yeuk, Sanmu Chan, Wen Peng, He Libin, Lai Chun Ling, Zoe Sun, Liping Ting, Nastja Säde Rönkkö, Artur Tajber, Janos Szirtes, feLugossy Laszlo, Paola Paz Yee, Marta Bernardez, Tomas Ruller, BarcoDJs, Peter Baren, Mads Floor Andersen, Rokko Juhász

July 10-16, 2018, traveling from Budapest-Prague-Krakow-Warsaw-Bratislava, on Transart Communication’s international Performance Art Train, packed with international artists, performances, workshops, talks and a multimedia art library. For one week it will visit 5 Central European cities, with activities on and off the train - in one cascate of live art making. It will be a unique event, crossing borders, mixing cultures and celebrating mobility, creative exchange and performance and multimedia art-making.

July 10-16, 2018, Crossing Borders: Public Space Performances - workshop with Marilyn Arsem as part of Transart Communication’s Performance Train, moving from Budapest-Prague-Krakow-Warsaw-Bratislava.

Crossing Borders: Public Space Performances is a workshop for practitioners which will focus on the intercultural movement of the Performance train. Marilyn Arsem will facilitate 7 days on and off the train drawing from her rich experience and knowledge as a performance maker and teacher. She will create an explorative and critical space for investigating the impact of performance in public spaces and what role it can play as a multicultural and mobile art form. Places (only 10 available) are now open for this unique performance art workshop with Marilyn Arsem.

Practical information: Workshop fee: €200 Accommodation is optional, though if you need accommodation in Prague (2 nights) and Krakow (3 nights), it will be €125 (€25 per night) Online application here: Deadline: 15.06.2018 For further information, please write to:, or visit: TAC30 is an umbrella project, taking place in central Europe, which aims to involve all forms of performance art, through a wide constellation of performative activities, conferences and workshops across cultures, countries and disciplines.

The TAC30 program will run from June-September, with participation of more than 100 international performance and multimedia artists, theorists and curators from over 30 countries. The program will offer: TAC30:Boat Project, TAC30:Train Project, Mobile Performance and Multimedia art Library, Transart Communication 2018, Public Group Performances, Exhibitions and Cooking Performances.

Partners: Vajda Lajos Stúdió Kulturális Egyesület (Szentendre), Foundation for Intermedia Art Development (Krakow), Association Galerie Michal (Ostrava).

Spring Arrives So Slowly : Durational performance : Viva! Art Action
Montreal, Quebec, Canada : October 2015 : Photo by Christian Bujold