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Leap of Faith Orchestra performs Cosmological Horizons by PEK @MIT Killian Hall

  • MIT Killian Hall 160 Memorial Drive Cambridge, MA, 02142 United States (map)

Twice a year Evil Clown presents the Full Leap of Faith Orchestra in its largest configuration performing a Frame Notation Score by PEK which guides the improvisation... This very special performance is being presented in a wonderful room at MIT called Killian Hall. To date we have performed 4 of these compositions: The Expanding Universe, Supernovae, Possible Universes & SuperClusters. Check out posts in the discussion section to these earlier stellar performances
PEK - clarinets, saxophones, double reeds
Glynis Lomon - cello, aquasonic, voice
Yuri Zbitnov - drums, percussion
Mimi Rabson - violin
Jane Wang - cello
Silvain Castellano - bass
Zachary Lavine - bass
Jim Warshauer - clarinets, saxophones
Charlie Kohlhase - saxophones
Zack Bartolomei - clarinets, saxophones
Eric Dahlman - trumpet
Forbes Graham- trumpet
Bob Moores- trumpet
Ras Miguel- trumpet
Duane Reed - baritone horn, contrabass trombone
Dave Harris - trombone, tuba
Eric Woods - analog synth
Reverend Grant Beale - guitar
Chris Florio - guitar synth
Eric Zinman - piano
Syd Smart - drums / percussion
Eric Rosenthal- drums / percussion
Steve Niemitz- drums / percussion
Others TBD

Notes from the Leap of Faith Orchestra scored performances section of the Evil Clown webpage

Leap of Faith Orchestra Performances
of Frame Notation Scores by PEK

The vision of the overall Evil Clown project is to create an extremely broad universe of sound and to realize music which transforms into widely different sonorities within a single performance. The full Leap of Faith Orchestra performing a PEK frame notation score is the most complete implementation of that vision. The large ensemble size and the details provided in the score directing the improvisation allow us to create a story through a huge number of controlled textures over the 75 minute duration of the works.

The small Leap of Faith Orchestra, and the various sub-units (Leap of Faith, Metal Chaos Ensemble, Turbulence, String Theory, New Language Collaborative, Sub-Units and Mekaniks) also perform pure improvisations. These pure improvisations comprise most of the work of the Evil Clown ensembles and tune the player's improvisation languages to each other and the Evil Clown aesthetic (in 2017 we performed two scores, but published a total of 37 new albums).

The scored performances are also listed in the Leap of Faith section of the Evil Clown website, but now enough of these projects have been completed it makes sense to list them separately as well.

The completed works are listed below with the most recent performances at the top. Each includes links to the full Evil Clown album page, score, bandcamp page, YouTube video, and selected press.

Last on the page is the 1994 performance of Expansions by PEK, performed by The Pointy Toes Ensemble. Expansions used frame notation combined with notation on the ordinary music staff. It took about two years to hand prepare the score and the tape and video components as well as a lot of rehearsal to achieve the performance. Despite the compositional success of Expansions, I decided at that time to focus on pure improvisation, which is a much more rapid process, and pursued that agenda for the remainder of the initial Leap of Faith period extending to 2001. The contemporary scores use simpler directions which do not require rehearsals and modern computer technology and software that reduces the effort required to prepare the scores.

- PEK - 25 February 2018