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Day de Dada Art Nurses

  • Boston, MA United States (map)

Day de Dada Art Nurses : Coming June 2018 as part of Dadamobile!!

Members of the Day de Dada Performance Art Collective based in Staten Island, the Art Nurses believe in spontaneous art via chance and random or orchestrated actions.

Art check-ups- done in a Dada fashion, directly interacting with Mobius patients, may include such activities as taking your souls temperature, measuring your third eye and asking medical questions with Dada methods. Each patient will receive an non-ephemeral artsy takeaway after their diagnosis.

Art Nurses will include- Viv de Dada, Mary Campbell, Barbara Lubliner, Milenka Berengolc and Jennifer Weigel

There will most likely be an accompanying email call for work which will be posted via an online blog.

Exact Dates and Times to be determined later in the season.

Art Nurses photo by © Kris Johnson 2015