Milan Kohout

Aug.2012,"Washing Out my Memories  with Vltava Water","(A) VOID GALLERY" on the riverbank of the Vltava river in Prague, Czech


Recently I wrote an autobiographical novel which was published in Prague, describing my memories from the Czech underground's "Second Culture" movement which I was part of. 

Colosseum redevelopment into a bank, International theater festival PUF, Pula, Croatia, June 2012

Here is the picture and a U Tube video link from a durational performance I did in Pula, Croatia on PUF International Theater Festival. 

Since we let banksters to run our society why not to redevelop one of the most valuable world heritage side into a bank?

"Real Mother's Ashes for Sale", Performance Art Festival "Semeno dobra" Prague, Wenceslas Square,Czech R., 2012

Under capitalism everything is for sale. All human values. So why not to sell even mother's ashes (I used the real mother's ashes)