The 2011 Mobius Wearable Art Runway Show

The 2011 Mobius Wearable Art Runway Show features 

students from a Wearable Art class at Cambridge School of Weston,

art students from John Marshall School Elementary in Dorchester,

artists/designers from

San Francisco
New York
New Jersey
Washington, DC
Rhode Island
New Hampshire
and the greater Boston area.

and will culminate with

June Monteiro's Word Game dress,
winner of The Word Game fabric competition

The 2011 Mobius Wearable Art Runway Show blog

Related Exhibition: A Tool Is A Mirror

Fri May 06, 2011

Images (L-R)
1. zipper outfit
- Katie Pray, NY; photo: Bryan Thomas
2. winning design Word Game competition
- June Monteiro, Washington, DC
3. alien post-apocalyptic cyber angel
- LeeLoo, JP Underground
4. sheet music dress
- Rachel Jayson, Cambridge, MA; photo: Justin Moore


Doors Open: ~6:55pm

suggested donation:
$10 general
$5 Friends of Mobius, students, seniors

@ Mobius
55 Norfolk Street
Cambridge, MA 02139


"We all came into this world naked. The rest is all drag."
—    Rupaul

In the tradition of exploring where clothing and design intersects with art, Mobius is hosting it’s second Wearable Art Runway show Friday May 6th, at 7 pm in their Harrison Avenue space in the South End.

The "themes" for this call for work are Wearable Art in general, Cyberart (in honor of Boston Cyberarts 2011), and Word Game.

Word game is based on an online international solicitation of “favorite word” which were then stencilled onto five yards of egyptian cotton. The winning fabricated design by ENAMOUR/ENAMOUR SPORT Owner and Designer June Monteiro from Washington, DC will be featured in the show.

The event will take place during the closing weekend of "A Tool Is A Mirror" curated by Elizabeth Keithline, a group exhibition which is part of this year's Boston Cyberarts Festival (April 22nd through May 8th, 2011).

List of artists/designers whose works will be on the runway:

Liv Chaffee's students @ The John Marshall School - Dorchester, MA, USA
Deandre Dewhollis
Jose Pena
Kyshuari Santana-Everet
Rayuana Martin-Milton
Xavier Barrientos

Alison Safford's students @ The Cambridge School of Weston - Weston, MA, USA
Becky Savitt - Wellesley, MA, USA
Ella Williams - Weston, MA, USA
Emily D'Angelo - Medfield, MA, USA
Grace Lynn Wilson - Weston, MA, USA
Kaela Cote-Stemmermann - Greater Boston area, MA, USA
Mikaela Dalton - Boston, MA USA
Mikaela Joyce - Massachusetts, USA
SeungHye Kim - Masan, South Korea
Sonya Thorne - Cambridge, MA, USA
Tess McCabe - Grafton, MA, USA

and ...
Anonymous - Spain
Alyssa Fishenden - Leominster, MA, USA
Amy Keefer - San Francisco, CA
April Yeaji Hanbbarrasi - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Ashley Conchieri - Somerville, MA, USA
Bethany Haeseler - Portland, Maine, USA
Charlie Roberts - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Ellen Shea - Somerville, MA, USA
Elly Jessop - Cambridge, MA, USA
Jennifer Hicks - Boston, MA, USA
Jennifer Sherr Designs - Boston, MA, USA
Julia Dusman - New York, NY, USA
June Monteiro - Washington, DC, USA
Katie Pray - Cohoes, NY, USA
L. Mylott Manning - New York City, NY, USA
LeeLoo - resides in the JP underground in Boston, MA
Marie Ghitman - Boston, MA, USA
Melissa J. Graff - Lafayette, NJ, USA
Rachel Jayson - Cambridge, MA, USA
Raphaela Riepl - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Robyn Giragosian and Caleb Cole - Medford & Somerville, MA, USA
Selina Narov - Boston, MA, USA
Stacy A. Scibelli - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Stephanie Skier - Cambridge, MA, USA
the Bureau of cyberSurreal investigation - international
William Evertson (Representing Seeking Kali) - Connecticut, USA


northern siren

Jess Barnett

Crystal Caitlin Chin

Karen Evertson

sara june

Chantal Ilima Marquis

Liz Roncka
A. Dorian Rose

Rebecca Woodbury

Rebecca Chabot
Olivia Frassinelli
Monika Plioplyte

Luke Burrows
Neige Christensen
Sage Dowser
Lisa Hiserodt
Sam Lanier
Jean Martin
Madelyn Medeiros
Jane Messere
Jason Picard
Madelaine Ripley

Caroline Hickey
Sarah Smith
Lilia Gaufberg
Zoe Cohen
Sarah Hertel- Fernandez
Molly Harrison
Alexis Kaihlenen

Florian Maria Sumerauer
Kira Lorenza Althaler

Meg Kuker
Toni Scibelli

Kristophe Diaz
Ichi Foto
Justin Moore
Bob Raymond
Shil Sengupta

MC:  Tom Evans
Sound Artist/DJ:  Ian Evertson
Lighting: Bob Raymond

Hair for
the Bureau of cyberSurreal investigation: DESI Xxoo

Makeup for
the Bureau of cyberSurreal investigation: DESI Xxoo
Raphaela Riepl:   Micaela Haskins

Designers who are only on the online blog, not in the runway show:
Ali&Cia Food Artists - Madrid, Spain
Alison Kotin - Arlington, MA, USA
Anja Čuhalev - Kranj, Slovenia
Carla Esperanza Tommasini - London, England, UK
Carolina Pino A. - Santiago, Chile
Curtis Rose - Decatur, Indiana, USA
Digital Mallarme - Kathy Bruce, James A. Cook, Alastair R. Noble - New York City, NY, USA
Elena Sanders - Boston, MA, USA
Ellen Schippers - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Kimberly Andert - South Bend, Indiana, USA
Maria Canada - Rhode Island, USA
mitumBACK - Vienna, Austria


i see the word "Mobius" but...

how does Your website connect to it? To me, using the word Mobius would indicate a one-sided/single-edged object would appear to be in the neighborhood someplace. Am i missing something?


"May the Poetry of LIFE Consume You!"
Curtis Rose
The PurplePoet (and late-blooming Symbolist!)

"The Himalayas of the mind
are not so easily possessed
There is more than storm and precipice
Between you and your Everest"
C. Day-Lewis
"Earthly things
must be known to be loved.
Divine things
must be loved to be known."
Blaise Pascal
" So let us then try to climb the mountain,
not by stepping on what is below us,
but to pull us up at what is above us,
for my part at the stars; amen"
M. C. Escher

Mobius the name

Hello Curtis,

I'm not sure how the name mobius was chosen for the Artists Group when the group was originally formed (I wasn't in the group back then) but I don't believe that it was due to there being, for example, some physical manifestation of a mobius strip near the original space. The name is more figurative than literal.

I will ask some of the original members of the group why that name was selected and get back to you.

Thanks for asking.

I think more of a mobius strip being an entity with no beginning and no end which folds in on itself - and coincidently perhaps if flattened forms the infinity sign.

Peace, Jane

posted by Jane Wang