story-based performance art by:

Danielle Fischer from Israel
Catherine Tutter, MAG
Nate Speare

Tue Nov 22, 2011

at 7 PM

@ Mobius
55 Norfolk Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Artists   Catherine Tutter

In the movement of everyday life I find complex beauty and decay. The water reflecting a chair through a plastic bottle, the paint peeling off with mildew on my building, I discover a color I have not yet seen. Mosaics of colors, sounds and forms enter my compositions distilled through my imagination and memories. I listen to the silence and the sounds surrounding me. I await these encounters when I stand on the threshold not exactly in and not exactly out. I wait for those moments where I can explore the in-between space of things that are at the same instance foreign and familiar. Tilting my head and moving the lens of my eye or camera I try to capture an expression of the world. 

In my work I look to portray a visual language. The in-between space of a floating area. An area where something is in the air and on the water but at the same time does not rest on any one end. A surface that is barely felt but there. I am looking through photography video and painting on not modular canvas shapes to express this space of enigma I encounter with curiosity and question.