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That's Cliché, or Not @HallSpace

  • HallSpace 950 Dorchester Avenue Boston, MA, 02125 United States (map)

HallSpace Drawing Project 2019

That's Cliché, or Not

September 7-October 12, 2019

Opening Reception

Saturday, September 7


HallSpace presents 111 drawings submitted by 46 artists including 3 drawings by Mobius Artist Margaret Bellafiore.

In the 6th iteration of the HallSpace Drawing Project, artists were asked to think about the meaning of cliché.

cliche (n.)

1825, electrotype, stereotype, from French cliché, a technical word in printer’s jargon for “stereotype block,” noun use of past participle of clicher “to click” (18c.), supposedly echoic of the sound of a mold striking metal.

Figurative extension to trite phrase, worn-out expression is first attested 1888, via the notion of the metal plate from which a print or design could be reproduced endlessly without variety, paralleling the sense evolution of stereotype. But this sense was not common in English until the 1920s, when it was identified as a French idiom.

– Online Etymology Dictionary

The phrase, "everything has been done," typically defines cliché. Is it possible to find meaning, or open an awareness to something through the use of a stereotype? It might be impossible to avoid the cliché when starting a new drawing. Hopefully something happens along the way. This drawing exhibition seeks to debunk cliché as a form of criticism meant to diminish the value of one's work. If the image is recognizable, or not, and beautiful, is that so bad?

And now the best part, the drawings are all 10 x 10 inches and cost $100.00 each. Many of the artists in this exhibition sell drawings this size for several hundred dollars more. If you love original art, and would like to start a collection, or add a few new pieces, here's your chance.

Thank you to everyone that submitted work for supporting this gallery. It is very humbling to open the packages and see your drawings.