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SAMHAIN SOIREE Fri Oct 31, 2014
Samhain Soiree' is a roaming performance party and series of public (+private) art interventions. Artists will create work for the bustling street-scapes of Central Square on Halloween night. Audiences will have the option to wander through several satellite locations throughout the night - Weirdo Records, Green Street Studios, and the Mobius Gallery will be sites for installations, conjuring, soundscapes, and haunting experiences.

Mobius will be a home base with an ongoing reception, music, installations, and maps/directions to the other satellite activities/performances.

Collaborating Artists include:

Tom Plsek, Sandrine Schaefer, Sara June, Anna Wexler, Yuka Takahashi, Max Lord, Daniel S. DeLuca, Liz Roncka + Akili Jamal Haynes, Zayde Buti, Jennifer Weigel, Chris McCorkindale, Tom Maio, Nabeela Vega, Angela Sawyer, TOOMS
DINOSAUR Sat Nov 22, 2014

Recently, 125 million year-old animal tracks were discovered in Moab, Utah in the United States. These tracks, which are currently being studied by paleontologists, are thought to belong to several species of late cretaceous dinosaurs. The crater-like footprints of these creatures demonstrate movement across a plain, now a red-rock desert, barren and exposed.

Sara June will perform a movement work in homage to the creatures that lumbered along the paths of this geologically young desert land, under conditions which at that time were hot and tropical. Reimagining the myth of these wandering giants separated in time by a series of catastrophic climactic events, (theorized as meteor impacts, changes in atmospheric conditions, etc) sara june provides a  performance opportunity that faciltates the pondering of our own proto-extinction.