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SAMHAIN SOIREE Fri Oct 31, 2014

Samhain Soiree' is a roaming performance party and series of public (+private) art interventions. Artists will create work for the bustling street-scapes of Central Square on Halloween night. Audiences will have the option to wander through several satellite locations throughout the night - Weirdo Records, Green Street Studios, and the Mobius Gallery will be sites for installations, conjuring, soundscapes, and haunting experiences.

Mobius will be a home base with an ongoing reception, music, installations, and maps/directions to the other satellite activities/performances.

Collaborating Artists include:

Tom Plsek, Sandrine Schaefer, Sara June + Teresa Cziepel, Anna Wexler, Yuka Takahashi, Max Lord, Daniel S. DeLuca, Liz Roncka + Akili Jamal Haynes, Zayde Buti, Jennifer Weigel, Chris McCorkindale, Tom Maio, Nabeela Vega, Angela Sawyer, TOOMS

Tinderbox: Amy Flaherty @MOBIUS Fri Nov 07, 2014

In Amy Flaherty’s “Journal Project”,

she re-experiences the sites of childhood family vacations guided by her mother’s journals recalling the trip.  Amy’s mother requested, before her death in 2006, that her ashes be spread within all the places our family traveled together.  Amy wrote over two hundred pages recalling her own ventures in the United Kingdom recreating the family trip experienced during childhood.  She preserved objects collected during her stay by placing them in hand constructed boxes and books.