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Subservience durational performance by Tony Schwensen Sat Apr 25, 2015

durational performance by
Tony Schwensen

Saturday, April 25, 2015
6 am to 4 pm 

100 years ago today, 25 April 2015, the mythology of the emergence of Australia as a nation is seeded, seeds that have borne dangerous fruit, seeds that have served many nefarious purposes, seeds that have been resown.

Remembrance replaces memory, and nationalism replaces remembrance, delusions abound and continue

Subservience is a durational performance that intends to examine how mythologies of nations are created, appropriated, repurposed and re-mythologised when military, cultural and economic dependence changes.   


Le Lieu | Mobius exchange Sat May 02, 2015

Strongly driven by the desire to learn from and exchange with different artistic communities from around the world, Le Lieu, centre en art actuel and Mobius are now engaging in their first partnership with this Quebec/Boston exchange. Both cities and organizations, known for their strong interest, implication and contribution in the performance art field, are now reunited to focus on where we are as artists and organiztions regarding the evolution of performance art and its actual situation.

The Quebec/Boston exchange consists in a two part event. The first part, featuring the work of four Mobius artists took place on March 27th in Le Lieu’s gallery space in Quebec City. The Boston based artists chosen for the event were Jimena Bermejo-Black, Daniel S. DeLuca, Philip Fryer and Sara June. The second part of the exchange will take place on May 2nd in Mobius’ gallery space and will feature the work of four Quebec City based artists selected by Le Lieu, centre en art actuel : Christophe Barbeau, Emmanuelle Duret, Steven Girard and Frédérique Hamelin.

Performance Art from Further West: SLC! Gretchen Reynolds, Eugene Tachinni, Erin Esplin, Paul Reynolds, Kristina Lenzi Fri May 08, 2015 - Sat May 09, 2015

Performance Art from Further West: SLC!
Friday, May 8:  starting at 6 pm
Saturday, May 9:  starting at 5 pm 

The third and expanded edition of Performance Art from Further West features artists from Salt Lake City, where there is a thriving performance art community.  Performance Art from Further West: Salt Lake City links with the annual Performance Art Festival* hosted and sponsored by The Salt Lake City Library, with Paul Reynolds as the festival coordinator. For the 2014 festival, curator Kristina Lenzi, an internationally respected performance artist from Utah, invited fifteen artists to create site specific work in the City's Main Library. It was fundamentally an opportunity to meet, witness, consider and discuss practices in performance art. Now, Mobius continues the dialogue with the artists from Salt Lake City by inviting them to our space on Norfolk Street in Cambridge.

                                    * Performance Art Festival 2014 received grants from the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, and from the Salt Lake City Arts Council. 

Friday, May 8

6 pm
Gretchen Reynolds says, “What I find most intriguing about performance art is the idea that the audience can be the primary medium. The possibilities of that idea seem endless and I find that to be sort of a relief. Tray Thoughts explores the frictional spark of physical memory and its associations.” 

8 pm
About Circulation, Eugene Tachinni says, “sometimes i think it's good to know who you are connected to.”



Saturday, May 9

5 pm
In Torn Noguchi, Paul Reynolds will build a paper enclosure around a damaged lamp.  He is interested in looking at the process of "simplifying to the core", which he has witnessed in his elderly mom over the past several years, and which coincidentally has become an aesthetic goal.
8 pm
Erin Esplin experiments with stream of consciousness in an effort to create dialogue that reinforces the collective unconscious in Reciprocity.

In Mental Construction Kristina Lenzi uses actual organization and attachment to address issues of memory, trauma, the reinvention of self and the human capacity to realize shifting identity.